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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a botched execution in arizona. an inmate dies nearly two hours after he's given a lethal injection, raising fresh questions about the death penalty. the faa lifts ban on flights to israel's main airport but as the violence between israelis and palestinians escalate, some airlines are choosing to stay away. and a wild chase in colorado. a carjacking suspect barrels through a garage door in a stolen truck before he's taken down by police. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, july 24th, 2014. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning there is renewed scrutiny of the death penalty
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following another botched execution. this time the lethal injection was administered in arizona. witnesses say the condemned prisoner gasped for breath over 600 times over a two-hour period after he was injected. they usually take ten minutes. david begnaud reports this is the third failed execution this year. >> it took almost two years. witnesses say during most of that time they could see and hear wood breathing and gasping for air. >> he closed his eyes, he went to sleep. then he started gasping and he did. he gasped for more than an hour and a half. >> reporter: wood was sentenced to death for killed his girlfriend and her father. >> reporter: the dietz family
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said the only delay was how long it took. >> everybody's worried about did he suffer. who really suffered was my dad and sister when they were killed. >> reporter: this is the third time an inmate has taken far longer to succumb a lethal injection. in april officials halted it because of him writhing in pain. he then died of a heart attack. they say protocol was followed and he was comatose until he died. david begnaud, cbs news. arizona's janet breyer has ordered an investigation. in statement she said inmate wood died in lawful manner and did not suffer. this is in a stark comparison to the gruesome vicious suffering
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he inflicted on his two victims. now a common denominator in the three execution this year is the sedative. midazolam is given but it's unclear what role that drug played in woods' execution. this morning the prime minister says he does not think there'll be a cease-fire for days. secretary john kerry is back in egypt after failing to carry out a truce. late last night the faa lifted its ban on u.s. flights to tel aviv's airport. it was put in place tuesday after a hamas rocket landed nearby. don champion is nearby. good morning, don. >> good morning. even though the ban has been listed it does not mean airlines will start flights to tel aviv right away. meantime as peace talks
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continue, fighting rages on. american airlines could once again fly into the airport after the faa lifted the ban. in a statement overnight the agency said it lifted the ban after getting new information on measures the israeli government is taking to assure safety of flights in and out of the airport. the decision of banning flights had been met with harsh criticism of the israeli government. >> the real answer to the danger of flying not to stop the flying but to stop the rockets. >> reporter: the ban had been in place for more than a day after a hamas rocket hit a neighborhood nearby on tuesday. u.s. secretary of state john kerry flew back. kerry and the u.n. secretary-general worked both sides of the conflict in israel and the west bank wednesday. >> i can tell you that we have
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in the last 24 hours made some progress in moving toward that goal. >> reporter: just miles away from where peace talks were going on, the israeli military continued its assault on hamas targets in ga zachlt now, when it comes to a cease-fire, senior administration officials say it's important to them that some wider issues between israel and palestinians are addressed as a part of it. they don't want a cease fooe to just be a band-aid. secretary kerry will be in cairo through at least friday to continue peace talks. anne-marie? >> don champion, thank you very much. the dutch prime minister says it may be weeks before all the victims of malaysia flight 17 are identified. this morning more victims' remains are flying from ukraine to netherlands. but some bodies are still at the crash site in eastern ukraine. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. there are growing concerns that some of the ee mains may never
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be recovered if that scene has not been secured and searched. they will be part of a u.n. team that will secure that flight and they're focusing on the data recorder for clues on the final moments. hundreds of australians gathered for a memorial for the victims. dozens of australians lost their lives in the tragedy. >> nothing is ordinary about the circumstances of death of the 298 people whose lives were lost in an instant. >> 40 plain wooden coffins were flowned from eastern ukraine to netherlands. two more arrived today carrying the remains of at least 70 more victims. a convoy of hearses then carried the bodies to a done. facility where foreign six
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experts worked to identify them. a week after, they continue to find human remains as they comb through the massive crash area. among evidence they discovered, the plane was tampered with and proof that it was shot down. >> there are puncture marks to the fuselage. >> they believe it hit the plane with a surface-to-air missile. they're trying to find out what happened in the final moments of the doomed flight. now foreign ministers of australia and the netherlands will travel to ukraine to talk with leaders there about securing the site which is still held by rebels. anne-marie. >> all right. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you. this morning weather may have played a role in this
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crash. a plane was trying to land on a small island 90 miles southwest of taipei. 58 people were on board. just ten survived. there were thunderstorms in the area at the time. the plane crashed into houses near the airport. five people on the ground were injured. and a teenage pilot from indiana trying to set a record for an around-the-world flight was killed when his plane crashed into the pacific. horace suleman had just taken off on tuesday night when his single-engine plane plunged into the ocean. he and his father were used the flight to raise money for a favorite charity. the father is still missing. dean reynolds reports. >> reporter: 17-year-old harris suleman and his 58-year-old father took off on june 19 on a sing
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single-engine airplane for the trip of a lifetime. >> how long is it going to take you? >> 30 days. >> he was only a pilots for two months but his dad was a veteran. they faced headwinds, monsoons and more as they plotted a trip around the globe hoping to set a new record for circum navigation, hoping to raise money for schools in pakistan. there were three stops remaining on the flight. they hoped to be home this weekend. the family said they both loved to fly. >> we believed in it. you knew there was a risk but you never expect something like that. >> in a news conference it was said the fiancee-and-son team raise 5d $00,000 for their cause. a suspect armed with a rifle goes on a crime spree while trying to escape authorities. we'll show you how a cop took him down. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a wind chase in colorado. a carjacking suspect fled from police and broke into a hoechlt he takes an suv and drives it through a garage door but gets stuck in the ditch. the suspect tried to get drivers to pull over on a nearby highway and that's when a deputy on a motorcycle got him to put down his rifle and then chased the suspect. grabbing his shirt and bringing him to the pavement in the middle of the interstate. well, montana senator john walsh is trying to explain plagiarism. he said post-traumatic stress was partly to blame when he used others' words to write his thesis. he's running for a full term in the senate after fill vague cancy in february. and on the "cbs moneywatch," a new recall for gm and the
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weird artist who sits atop the billboard album chart. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. gm issued six more recalls for vehicles worldwide. that brings the total numbers to 60. they cover almost 30 million vehicles and that is a new record for the automaker. here on wall street they're awaiting reports from general motors and ford. the dow lost 26 wednesday. the nasdaq gained 17. is the s&p closed at 3 points. they sent earnings sharply higher to 41 cents a share which is 61 cents higher than the previous quarter. investors who bought and held
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facebook stock are now close to doubling their money. six peek are under arrest for targeting customers of the popular ticket resaler stubhub. hack errs broke into 1,600 and used stolen passwords to buy thousands of tickets to concerts, shows, and sporting events. >> and for the first time in his 30-year career, weird al yankovic is number one on the billboard chart. ♪ featuring a song making fun of pharrell's happy, the parody singer earned his first top spot called mandatory fun. it sold 400,000 copies in its first week and became the first comedy album to top the charts since 1963.
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longtime denver broncos owner pat bowlen is giving up the team as he battles alzheimer's disease. he bought the team in 1984 and went to the super bowl six times, winning two. he made a tearful announcement yesterday. >> having worked for him for 30 year years, it's going to be very hard to not see him walk through the front doors every day. >> when the broncos won their first super bowl in 1998 bowlen famtsly handed john elway the
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vince lombardi trophy. he called that the high light of his career. the team will still be owned by the family trust. the game was shortened by a fierce thunderstorm that whipped new york city. the yankees stadium grounds crew had a tough time rolling out the tarp over the infield. after the rain stopped both managers decided the field conditions were too wet and dangerous for players. and a sweet apology from lebron james to the neighbors in his ohio community. you might remember that crowds that formed outside his home earlier this month when he was rumored to return to the cleveland cavs. well, on wednesday lebron said, i'm sorry, to his neighbored with a delivery of cupcakes and a note apologizing for the chaos. he re-signed to the calves after playing the last four years in miami. when they returned they got gore they mask and the rest of their clothes.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. an overflow crowd at the funeral for the new york city man who died in police custody. thousands packed a brooklyn church to say good-bye to aaron gardner. he was arrested nr allegedly selling cigarettes. cell phone video shows them using a banned hold on him. a wireless micro chip could be the future of contraception. researchers are testing the device that delivers tiny amounts of hormone like a birth control pill. it can hold enough hormone to
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prevent pregnancy for up to 16 years but it can be dumped off remotely if a woman wants to conceive. it costs about $1,000. when stephen colbert leaves the show will continue to be taped. it's uncertain, depending on when letterman retires. >> lethree burglars broke into restaurant on sunday but soon they were naked as they stoeld three case of hamburger, bell peppers, and a pan of bacon. nudist barbecue maybe j sfwloo co. coming up on the "cbs this morning," ivan na trump with a new luxury hotel on pennsylvania avenue.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. an arizona inmate who was executed yesterday remained alive for nearly two hours after the execution started. witnesses say joseph rudolph wood gasped for air over 600 times. governor jan breyer says he didn't suffer but has ordered a review on the execution process. and last night the ban was listed for flights flying to and from israel. not all airlines are returned to service. fighting in the gaza strip between israeli troops and hamas continues. since 9/11 more than 1,000
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men and women have been hurt. mark strassmann addresses the special needs for females. >> reporter: these women came to this alabama horse farm to find healing in a manner of sisterhood. >> you may not notice those injuries, the wounds, the tratic brain injuries. they look no different than you or i, but have been through a lot. >> reporter: susan robertson coordinates operation refocus in birmingham, alabama. it's one of the few programs that caters exclusively to female vets like amanda marr. she left in 2010. sergeant marr was hurt in what's described in a training incident. she's not comfortable giving details. >> for a long time i went numb, in shock. >> internally suffering. >> suffering internally.
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it wasn't till i got out of the army, i was like, oh, that's what a woman is, that's what they do, they hug their kids, they lay in bed with their husband, dhiejt have nightmares. >> how close are you to the healthy you? >> to be honest i don't remember the old healthy me and that's tough. >> reporter: the retreat is funded by the nonprofit lakeshore foundation. it lasts five days but they tell us their connections are almost instant. the benefits may last a lifetime it's incredibly liberating, being around my own peer group as women veterans. it really allows me to sort of let down my guard. i can actually be prnt here and just try things. >> reporter: recovery is a process. at this retreat they met someone else who understands. mark strassmann, cbs news, birmingham, alabama.
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well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an update on the negotiations for a cease-fire between israel and hamas, plus more on famed quarterback john elway's emotional reaction to broncos owner pat bowman steppiste bowlen stepping down and we talk with ivanna trump on a new luxury hotel opening. that's it for the cbs krbsz. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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and to take it is thursday july 24th good morning, i'm ukee washington. aim he natasha brown. here are stories we are following today. new developments offer night as faa lifts its ban on flights to and from israel. we have an update on the turmoil in the region straight ahead. berg ers, fries and crack is what investigators claim was being sold in a local mcdonald's. there is a buyer for the revel casino in at atlantic city, that is the story coming up. those stories and more are on the way but lets talk about the weather. storms rolled through last night and cooled things off, things are really nice today. >> nice and breezy still breezy. yes, breezy yesterday too but it was just so steamy


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